[RC5] Re: pre-release client benches

Chris Hessmann news at hessmann.de
Thu Apr 25 13:43:06 EDT 2002

> It's the  new core  designed for the  p7 x86 core  aka pentium  4. 
> So prolly only p4 owners will see improvements.

Indeed. As good as no change on a 733 Mhz single Itanium here:

The best core for RC5 is still #9 (jasonp P5/MMX), 161,745 keys/sec.
Every other core is between 92,000 (#8) and 134,000 (#5) keys/sec.

But at OGR, I realized a small improvement on both cores:

core #0: 631,358 nodes/sec
core #1: 628,085 nodes/sec

core #0: 636,467 nodes/sec
core #1: 638,398 nodes/sec

(tested five times, nearly the same (+/- 200 nodes/sec).

Unfortunately, the Itanium still isn't the best choice as a d.net-
numbercruncher, I think there is no other architecture with such bad
speed / power consumption ratio. ;)

cu Chris
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