[RC5] pre-release client benches

aSe aSe at SysFail.com
Thu Apr 25 11:29:16 EDT 2002

I never said i had no plans on upgrading to it once it became offical but, I
was simply wondering if anyone else was getting a faster keyrate. I believe
someone posted before that they got a faster one. but, yeah u make some
vaild points :)

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> Unfortunately, it is possible that the solution to some bugs will
> result in a fractionally slower rate for some participants.  What a
> raw benchmark cannot show you is that a newer version may mean more
> of your work is accepted by the keymaster.  Other fixes may protect
> your buffer file from being corrupted and discarded before it can be
> uploaded, or keep the client from interfering with other
> applications.
> Other changes made in the last couple of releases resulted in better
> management of randoms, smarter choice of packet size, and more
> reliable connections to proxies.  All these changes are for the
> benefit of our participants, even though they may result in an
> apparently slower benchmark.
> We encourage everyone to upgrade to official releases whenever they
> are available for your platform, to keep the entire network running
> as efficiently as possible.
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> I just finnished doing a set of benches useing the windows client,
> each time useing dnetc -benchmark rc5 from prompt.
> Current 'offical' - 5,547,979 key/s
> Current 'pre release' - 5,455,667 key/s
> both use core #6. I have a 1800 XP+, with plenty of pc2100 and
> machine is as close to idle as it gets.
> Has anyone seen any increases in key rates?
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