[RC5] How to setup the client for...?

Wolf, John John.Wolf at logicom.com
Tue Apr 30 10:39:18 EDT 2002

> i would apreciate not read such debate on rc5 list, so could you
>moderate yourselves thanx

I second that totally.  It seems nobody making fun out of this situation has
ever been / known someone homeless.  You also might be proud of your home
country, but derogatory comments about other people/places seems a bit

To try and drag this back onto RC5 matters, my PC at work will not connect
to a keyserver.  It is connected via MS Proxy server, which only has port
8080 and 21 open.  The MS proxy client is installed on the workstation.
However I configure it, the client exits with various error messages, the
current one being "The specified address family is not supported".  I do not
have access to change the proxy server.  Any ideas?

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