[RC5] Subspace Completion Picture : question

Christophe Roguet christophe.roguet at free.fr
Wed Aug 14 19:56:41 EDT 2002

on the second graph  one can see that there is one subspace (around 230) 
whose completion percentage is almost 0 whereas most other subspaces are 
high above 50 %

what is the problem with this particular subspace ?

Le mardi 13 août 2002, à 10:41 , Ray Booysen a écrit :

> I suppose you guys have seen the graph on bovine's site about the 
> completion of each subspace and I was wondering if anyone knew if this 
> graph will be updated daily/weekly/monthly.  I love the stats side of 
> the project and would love to see the results.
> Thanks
> Ray Booysen
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