[RC5] Subspace Completion Picture : question

Jeff Lawson jlawson at bovine.net
Thu Aug 15 02:28:57 EDT 2002

I was intending to orignally include a comment about subspace 228 in my
plan as I was composing it, but I ended up forgetting to do so before
closing my editor.  Accurate statistics were unavailable at the time I was
collecting my data for the graph so an empty value was substituted
instead.  The next time we iterate past that point, its information will
be accurately remirrored by the keymaster; I can't easily determine what
its actual value is until then.

The data collection and graphing is a rather manual and time-intensive
process so it's difficult to guarantee that they can be offered with
certain regularity.  However, I'm speculating that another interesting
graph could be made from the the "duped" block completions that we receive
and get discarded, however collecting that data will be a little more
upfront effort to convert our data logs into something usable for

On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, Christophe Roguet wrote:

> on the second graph  one can see that there is one subspace (around 230)
> whose completion percentage is almost 0 whereas most other subspaces are
> high above 50 %
> what is the problem with this particular subspace ?
> Le mardi 13 août 2002, à 10:41 , Ray Booysen a écrit :
> > I suppose you guys have seen the graph on bovine's site about the
> > completion of each subspace and I was wondering if anyone knew if this
> > graph will be updated daily/weekly/monthly.  I love the stats side of
> > the project and would love to see the results.
> >  

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