[RC5] Milestone reached!

RogerKIWI at aol.com RogerKIWI at aol.com
Wed Aug 21 14:36:13 EDT 2002

In a message dated 8/21/02 10:26:08 AM, rjb-dis at iafrica.com writes:

> Yes, I finally did it. 500,000 blocks reached   today.     Sorry.  I needed 
> to express my joy to   someone.

Congratulations Ray!!!!

Each milestone seems to help.

I've been hacking away at this thing since about the day it started 1758 days 
ago with 3 or 4 Macs here at home.

I've been trying for months and months to get into the top 4000 - it's taken 
a very long time to get from 4100 up - today I'm at 4006.

I'll let the list know when I get to 2,500,000 blocks - I'm about 63,000 
short right now. <g>


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