[RC5] Milestone reached!

Ryan Malayter rmalayter at bai.org
Wed Aug 21 14:28:15 EDT 2002

That was the certainly the most annoying color scheme I've ever received
in an email. 

Just because the HTML font/color/background feature is available doesn't
mean you have to use it on every message...

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In a message dated 8/21/02 10:26:08 AM, rjb-dis at iafrica.com writes:

Yes, I finally did it. 500,000 blocks reached  today.    Sorry.  I
needed to express my joy to  someone.

Congratulations Ray!!!!

Each milestone seems to help.

I've been hacking away at this thing since about the day it started 1758
days ago with 3 or 4 Macs here at home.

I've been trying for months and months to get into the top 4000 - it's
taken a very long time to get from 4100 up - today I'm at 4006.

I'll let the list know when I get to 2,500,000 blocks - I'm about 63,000
short right now. <g>


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