[RC5] RC5 on Pentium4

Mark Renfer mri at netsec.ch
Sun Aug 25 19:42:11 EDT 2002

Howdy folks,

The real cracking speed and the cracking speed reported
by the benchmark are still very different on P4 machines with
the latest clients.

According to Bruce Fords keyrate calculator, a P4-1700
should have a cracking speed of 3.2 MKeys/s. The benachmark
reports 3.28 MKeys/s. So far so good. But when the client
actually works, it does just ~2.5 MKeys/s. This has been
double-checked, i.e. the client itself reports that low speed
as well as our presonal proxy analyzer program.

I have already reported this behaviour last year.

Does anyone get the high cracking rate reported by the
benchmark when the client works on real blocks?
(Run the client in a console window until the first packet has
been completed then check the keyrate on the "Summary"

Kind regards,       Mark

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