[RC5] RC5 on Pentium4

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Tue Aug 27 15:51:58 EDT 2002

understood but who reboots? hehehe, don't answer that, hahahaha...

any DOS boxes i have running dnet are sneakernetted or networked to/thru
my perproxy... no need to reboot <<wink>>

yes, that statement goes against my point stated earlier about no tsrs
running on the dos box... however, it is possible (and is being done) to
network a DOS box with tcp/ip and netbios and configure it as a
workstation and even as a peer with the proper file(s)... some stuff
works with some network drivers and other stuff requires other

David McNett wrote:
> On 27-Aug-2002, Ryu wrote:
> > personally i asked myself that question : running client under DOS with x86
> > CPU from 386 to PII always give better results thant under GUI OS, but i
> > tried with PIII and P4 then results were worse ! did any one observed this ?
> My own experiences have been that the speed gains of running dnetc in
> DOS aren't enough to overcome the time lost during the reboots to and
> from DOS.  :)
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