[RC5] Cache buffers in ram suggestion.

dan carter hedonist at win.co.nz
Sat Aug 31 16:10:30 EDT 2002

James Spinks wrote:

>If the buffers were cached into RAM on the first machine, then when the second
>machine connects it would copy the blocks from the remote buffers down to it's
>own and then proceed to cache them itself.
I imagine it would remove all blocks it is going to work on from the 
buff-in, just as currently, it removes the single block it is going to 
work on.

This increases the losses in case of power faliure, but that is a 
tradeoff i would be happy to make.  Only had one powercut in the last 
few years here.  And besides, the losses would be no bigger than losing 
a single larger sized block if those blocks were still available.

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