[RC5] New clients now available

Hiro Dudani dudani.ml at gmx.de
Tue Dec 3 16:21:33 EST 2002

Hello Jeff!

Tuesday December 03 2002, "Jeff Lawson" <jlawson at bovine.net> wrote:

> Be sure to check out http://www.distributed.net/download/clients.html
> for the newly released clients.  Additional platforms will undoubtedly
> be forthcoming in the coming days and weeks, so have patience.

Will that include a client for (x86) Linux kernels 2.0.x? I was most
unpleasantly surprised when -without any warning anywhere- the new client
just told me my kernel was too old and aborted just there.

> Personal proxies supporting RC5-72 are currently still only on the
> pre-release page (again, more platforms will be forthcoming).

And again, will the new Linux perproxy run with kernel 2.0.x? I don't
mind not doing RC5-72 on that box, but not being able to run a personal
proxy will remove one of the great advantages that d.net's infrastructure
has for me.

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