[RC5] Standby/Hibernate

Michael Shannon MichaelS at towersoft.com.au
Mon Dec 2 10:23:36 EST 2002

> Does anybody know how to make WinXP (SP1) hibernate or go 
> into standby with
> dnetc running ?
> According to MS, ACPI uses idletime to measure whether the 
> computer is idle
> or not, so no idletime means no standby/hibernation !

A lot of newer 'name-brand' PCs have a hibernate button on the keyboard.
Hitting it is the same as manually doing Start->Shutdown->Stand By which
will force the computer into stand-by mode irrespective of what's
running.  I imagine this is acheived by mapping a macro to the
appropriate key.  Check out TUCOWs or some other download site for a
macro mapping program and create your own that'll suit your keyboard.


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