[RC5] Mac OS X Speed?

Jeff Palmer scorpio at drkshdw.org
Tue Dec 3 13:00:44 EST 2002

The  client cores are not hand optimized for maximum performance yet.   If 
you were around for the start of RC5-64,  you'll remember that we 
experienced the same thing.   I think it's a "lets get the constest 
started, and clients working, then we'll improve them when things are a bit 
less hectic" type of thing.


At 12:59 PM 12/3/02 -0500, RogerKIWI at aol.com wrote:
>I installed the
>dnetc v2.9001-478-CTR-02112023 for Mac OS X (Darwin 6.2).
>and as it started up these lines appeared
>[Dec 03 12:31:20 UTC] Automatic processor type detection found
>                       a PowerPC 7400 (G4) processor.
>[Dec 03 12:31:20 UTC] RC5-72: Running micro-bench to select fastest core...
>[Dec 03 12:31:33 UTC] RC5-72: using core #0 (ANSI 4-pipe).
>I waited for it to slog through the first block and was surprised to find 
>that it managed under 1 million keys/sec.
>RC5-64 ran on this machine (dual 450 MHz G4) at up to 8,000,000 keys/sec.
>does this new RC5-72 not use the AltiVec unit in the G4?

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