[RC5] New clients now available

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Tue Dec 3 15:02:15 EST 2002

he was asking about buff-INs that are loaded with stubs to be worked 
on... how to get them to the new clients or perproxies? heck, my 
perproxy is sitting with *197* stubs to hand out... i'lll go ahead and 
back that off a lot but i'm sure that it'll take some weeks for them to 
get handed out ;-(  yes, i know that this is the RC5 list but the point 
still remains... hopefully the perproxies will retain or upgrade the 

Jeff Palmer wrote:
> You can send old buff-out files to flush at distributed.net.    the robot 
> will flush the work units for you
> Jeff
> P.S.  Just send it as an attachment to the above address
> At 06:39 PM 12/3/02 +0000, Sergio Ribeiro wrote:
>>  I've a buff-in file with a number of OGR packets but the new client 
>> refuses to accept them (also tested 'import', just in case it could 
>> work)...
>>  What shall I do? Delete the file? Return it to DNET? I have an old PC 
>> running the client but this file would last months!

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