[RC5] Athlon core contribution

Karl kjb at clara.net
Fri Dec 6 18:47:34 EST 2002

> Read also <http://www.slashnet.org/forums/DCTI-20020928.html>, then
> you'll see that the dnetc staff themselves say that the keyrates for
> rc5-64 and rc5-72 will be more or less the same. The only problem they
> mention is that the 80x86 and compatibles may have a slight problem
> because they're so register starved, <quote> But probably other
> architectures, especially RISC ones, won't be so affected. </quote>

I await AMD's 64 bit x86 Athlon chip with anticipation, double the
amount of GPRs as well as 64 bit versions of x86 registers could make it
quite competitive with the G4.


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