[RC5] IP logging questions with personal proxy's

N. Parr nparr at usa.net
Sat Dec 7 09:42:36 EST 2002

I have my pproxy running at point A.  A bunch of my computers at point B are
all behind a firewall.  Therefore all the packets that get sent to the proxy
at Point A from Point B all look like they come from the same IP address.
We are setting up some CGI's to do team stats and I want to be able to log
the individual ip's from behind the firewall at Point B so I can see how
much what individual computer is doing.  Is there a way to force the client
to say "log this IP or name"?  Would running another pproxy at point B and
having it send to the pproxy at point A work, or would it still look like
the packets were all coming from one IP?

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