[RC5] IP logging questions with personal proxy's

Andrew MacKenzie andy at edespot.com
Sat Dec 7 11:14:21 EST 2002

> I have my pproxy running at point A.  A bunch of my computers at point B are
> all behind a firewall.  Therefore all the packets that get sent to the proxy
> at Point A from Point B all look like they come from the same IP address.
> We are setting up some CGI's to do team stats and I want to be able to log
> the individual ip's from behind the firewall at Point B so I can see how
> much what individual computer is doing.  Is there a way to force the client
> to say "log this IP or name"?  Would running another pproxy at point B and
> having it send to the pproxy at point A work, or would it still look like
> the packets were all coming from one IP?
I've been a bit frustrated by this too, but the IP address reported will be
of the last proxyper that touched the data.

One possible way to work around this is to have the proxyper behind the
firewall send it's log's to your other machine, and to ignore log entries
from that proxyper.  It's a bit of a hack, but it's the only thing I've
come up with yet.

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