[RC5] New Intel compilers...

Andrew MacKenzie andy at edespot.com
Mon Dec 9 12:39:51 EST 2002

> > For P3, athlon et al IMHO not very likely.
> It's kindof self-explanatory why it doesn't work magic for Athlon, you
> can't really expect Intel SoftwareEngineers to sit and optimize their
> compiler (which is a defacto showcase for their cpu-features) for the
> core of their main (and almost only) rival?
I have seen some benchmarks where an Intel optimized compiler does manage
to give a performance boost on an AMD processor.  They do use the same
instruction set.

Granted, it won't do as well as AMD optimized code, but it can happen.
I've often wondered why AMD doesn't seem to have as much interest in
helping with optimized compilers.  From what I can tell Intel is quite
helpful to folk like the gcc developers.  It is, after all, in their best

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