[RC5] eEye and d.net

Zorba the Hutt zorbathut at uswest.net
Tue Dec 10 02:53:18 EST 2002

> Heh, I dunno... they probably just want the source code to dnet's
> network-related stuff. nmap has similarly snide comments:
> distrib-net-losers 2064/tcp  # A group of lamers working on a silly
closed-source client for solving the RSA cryptographic challenge.  This is
the keyblock proxy port.
> distrib-net-proxy 3064/tcp   # Stupid closed source distributed.net
project proxy port

After all, open-source stuff is always better than closed-source stuff, in
every way! It never crashes, it has the best user interfaces possible, it's
perfectly documented and more efficient than hand-written assembly, and
isn't produced by Communist Nazi sweatshops in Africa! (Unlike
closed-source, which is.)

Um. Yeah.

Out of curiosity, are there any open-source distributed computing projects
out there? How did they get around the security problems?


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