[RC5] eEye and d.net

Greg Childers jgchilders at uk-alumni.org
Tue Dec 10 08:47:43 EST 2002


>Out of curiosity, are there any open-source distributed computing projects
>out there? How did they get around the security problems?

The efforts to solve the Certicom ECC challenges have all been open 
source.  But they benefit from the fact that there's no easier way to find 
the "distinguished points" they collect than to run the client.  If someone 
in an effort to cheat finds an easier way, then they've made a breakthrough 
in the problem.  Also, most of the distributed factoring efforts are open 
source.  There, someone could claim to have searched a range without doing 
it.  For the most part, I believe the organizers simply trust the users not 
to do so.


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