[RC5] stats - keys missing

Scott Dodson sdodson at eagle4.cc.gasou.edu
Tue Dec 10 15:26:33 EST 2002

At 08:14 PM 12/10/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Sorry, for telling such a trash with v27 and v29.
>Ok, for the first  look its a bit ambiguous in your FAQ, because you 
>describe the prior function with v27 and the actual version. it wasn't 
>read by me correctly. Sorry.
>For all who are still doubting: Here is the official explanation:
>but nevertheless my problem if missing stats units is still actual. I'm 
>welcome for official feedback.
>by the way the stats today are very nice. how do the 380000 in the user 
>ranking come there?

 From which days are you missing blocks?  Also, notice that they didn't 
update yesterday.


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