[RC5] Why does Pentium 3 process faster than Pentium 4?

Jeroen van Rijn jeroen at bytalized.com
Wed Dec 11 18:27:14 EST 2002

well, if mul and div are hardware supported you can, but I'm no expert 
on P4 architecture, so wouldn't know if that's the case and what the 
increase/decrease in performance would be.


Michael Pelletier wrote:

>On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Andrew MacKenzie wrote:
>>A G4 at the same clock speed as a P4 would solidly kick the P4's
>>ass.  But that won't happen because of the way the two chips are
>>designed.  Don't take this as Intel bashing.  An Athlon at the
>>same speed as a P4 would also kick the P4's ass.  But
>>(unfortunatly for AMD) that isn't likely to happen either.
>>(think all chips running at current max P4 clock rate).
>Are there any clever approaches to get around the shift/rotate
>sluggishnes on the P4?  Or is RC5 just stuck in that regard when it
>comes to that processor?
>(If this is a dumb question, please bear in mind that I last
>programmed assembly on the 6502.)
>	-Michael Pelletier.
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