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Michael Shannon MichaelS at towersoft.com.au
Mon Dec 16 15:47:18 EST 2002

> The only time this happens is when you go from 2.8 to 2.9 version
> clients.  This will not happen again until the buffer format changes.
> All other upgrades will simply restart the block that is currently
> being worked on.

That's exactly what people are complaining about.  This is the scenario:

- a slow machine is cracking a key
- it spends a long time (many hours or even days) getting to a certain
point (say 80% done)
- the machine crashes, the client is restarted, etc.
- when the client is fired up again, it chooses a different core and
starts the same key from the start
- all the work previously done is lost

Now, if a person regularly shuts down at the end of the day and comes
back online the next, there's a very real possibility that they'll be
endlessly cracking *the same key*.  It's like trying to ride from one
town to the next on an exercise cycle - you'll do a lot of work but you
won't get anywhere.


Michael Shannon
michaels at towersoft.com.au

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