[RC5] Suggestion

Christian Wirth wirthi at gmx.at
Mon Dec 16 08:58:20 EST 2002


> Now, if a person regularly shuts down at the end of the day and comes
> back online the next, there's a very real possibility that they'll be
> endlessly cracking *the same key*.  It's like trying to ride from one
> town to the next on an exercise cycle - you'll do a lot of work but you
> won't get anywhere.

This happens because the client decides upon startup which core it should
use. If two or more cores crunch (almost) the same speed on your machine, it
happens that it switches between them. This shouldn't happten in the future,
when the cores are optimised and tested enough so the client will have
hardcoded information what core to choose on your (AMD

For now, just manually configure which core to use, and that problem
shouldn't occure any more.

Christian Wirth

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