[RC5] RC5-72 stats?

Blain Nelson blainn13 at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 16 13:22:36 EST 2002

Jeff Palmer wrote:
> Sybase is back up according to the MattR and Decibel.  So those who want
> to work on stats,   go for it!

I spent some time looking over the stats source.  I'm interested/willing 
to help with it, as I'm learning php, particularly database driven web 
document generation, and would like something to get some more 
experience with it.  I didn't find any place that laid out clearly what 
changes needed to be made other than that old things need to be made 
like new things.

If someplace there's some sort of a document (or set of documents) that 
talks about what the changes need to be, what kind of variables to look 
out for, etc., I'd be happy to help out with this stuff.  At this point, 
about all I could do is upgrade the markup to xhtml 1.0, and talk to 
somebody about using css for layout issues.

> Jeff Palmer

Take care,

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