[RC5] stats update

Dennis Lubert plasmahh at gmx.net
Wed Dec 18 17:41:42 EST 2002

At 09:49 18.12.2002 -0600, you wrote:
>submitted it.
>We did have realtime stats during RC5-56, but quickly discovered that
>instant feedback was not only problematic to deliver, but  encouraged
>behavior for our network.  Participants would flush after every block,
>and rapid-refresh the website to see the blocks hit.  That meant
>hammering on both the database and the webserver, and we didn't like

What about making the stats updates as soon as possible, so that when a 
stats run is done, the next one is started ? That should result in changes 
every few hours, so not really live, but could be easily done with the 
current stats system (I hope)



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