[RC5] Real Time stats

aSe aSe at SysFail.com
Wed Dec 18 15:20:48 EST 2002

The thing with stats how they are done now, each run can easily take hours as the contests moves on. If you like realtime/fast stats, Why not setup a perproxy or join a team that uses one? (side note: You don't actually have to join a team, lots of people run open public ones as well) Also, deponding on the stats script u use.. they can provide tons more information then dnet currently does. Lots of good stuff for those stat g33ks out there!

I run a perproxy for the 6 computers in my home, even tho I have it set to update every hour, a simple mod to the cronjob and it could easily run every 5 seconds. Stop complaining, and do something about it! :)

If you need some help getting perproxy and a stats script (I use ppstats) throw me an email or throw a question on the mailing list, I'll give my best to help you or find someone that will.

Gordon Keesler [aSe at SysFail.com]

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