[RC5] stats update

James Spinks james at angelos.ftech.co.uk
Wed Dec 18 20:38:40 EST 2002

Quoting Dennis Lubert <plasmahh at gmx.net>:

> At 09:49 18.12.2002 -0600, you wrote:
> >We did have realtime stats during RC5-56, but quickly discovered that
> >instant feedback was not only problematic to deliver, but  encouraged
> >behavior for our network.  Participants would flush after every block,
> >and rapid-refresh the website to see the blocks hit.  That meant
> >hammering on both the database and the webserver, and we didn't like
> >it.
> What about making the stats updates as soon as possible, so that when a
> stats run is done, the next one is started ? That should result in changes
> every few hours, so not really live, but could be easily done with the
> current stats system (I hope)

I can't really see any real reason why multiple refreshes/day make any sense at
all... while I appreciate that we all give our time/cycles for free, somebody
somewhere is actually paying for the bandwidth that we use.  Beyond those people
whose days get so quiet that they would sit there hammering the stats servers
(or creating complex mathmatical problems with their door keys ;-) ), what
actual use would it serve?  Even daily stats are never a true representation of
the work done as not everybody flushes after each block/day/whatever...

Surely it is more important that these guys concentrate their efforts of stats
stability/functionality rather than trying to create a 'break test' scenario for
us to play with...

James Spinks
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