[RC5] stats update

O.Mico odjmico2 at wanadoo.fr
Tue Dec 24 01:26:08 EST 2002

I'm one of the stats addicts down there, but i agree 100% what's told

>I can't really see any real reason why multiple refreshes/day make any
>sense at
>all... while I appreciate that we all give our time/cycles for free,
>somewhere is actually paying for the bandwidth that we use.  Beyond
those >people
>whose days get so quiet that they would sit there hammering the stats
>(or creating complex mathmatical problems with their door keys ;-) ),
>actual use would it serve?  Even daily stats are never a true
>representation of
>the work done as not everybody flushes after each block/day/whatever...

>Surely it is more important that these guys concentrate their efforts
of >stats
>stability/functionality rather than trying to create a 'break test'
>scenario for
>us to play with...

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