[RC5] FATAL: kernel too old

David Overeem dovereem at columbus.rr.com
Wed Dec 25 01:28:39 EST 2002

Hi folks.  I subscribed here cause I am having my very first problem 
with the dnet client...  Perhaps someone can help.  Here is the story:

I've got three servers that I tried to upgrade to the newest client 
(v2.9001.478) with rc5-72 support tonight.  This was successful on two 
of the servers.

"tyler", the web server, was a miserable failure.  The oldest of the 
set, it has redhat 5.2 with kernel 2.0.36 installed in May of 1998.  On 
dnetc startup I got:

FATAL: kernel too old

Now, I understand your first reaction, "dude, what on earth are you 
running that ancient kernel for???"...

You are right, the kernel should be upgraded. HOWEVER, I maintain the 
machine by ssh and do not have physical access without a very long 
drive.  It is 400 miles away.  Given that it has been running for over 4 
years, I am very leery of doing anything that may topple the house of 
cards :-(  If I try to upgrade the kernel and it does not start 
properly, i'm in no position to insert a kernel boot disk or even press 

Perhaps someone else out there has had a need and built a client that 
will run on an outdated kernel revision?

If not, then i'll be sad but I suppose tyler won't be too missed.  He 
only has 2 pentium 133s cranking out a scant few kilokeys per second. 
Seems to get lost in the noise floor with my newer servers pumping out 
keys in mega/second range.


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