[RC5] FATAL: kernel too old

Christopher Hicks chicks at chicks.net
Wed Dec 25 17:04:51 EST 2002

On Wed, 25 Dec 2002, Greg Wooledge wrote:
> David Overeem (dovereem at columbus.rr.com) wrote:
> > "tyler", the web server, was a miserable failure.  The oldest of the 
> > set, it has redhat 5.2 with kernel 2.0.36 installed in May of 1998.  On 
> > dnetc startup I got:
> > 
> > FATAL: kernel too old
> > Aborted
> I can't give you any advice about running dnetc on this system.  But I'd
> like to state, just for the record, that 2.0.x IS a supported, stable
> kernel series.  (finger @kernel.org and you'll see it.  The latest 2.0.x
> kernel is 2.0.39.)

The 2.0 kernel maintainers continue to release bug fixes every six+
months, but kernel support in this case doesn't mean much to people who
aren't maintaining their own distributions since none of the significant
distributions continues to support an OS release based on the 2.0.x
kernel!  Systems which should continue running on 2.0 would only be
systems where a tremendous degree of stability is required.  If the system
is that production-critical why would you be running dnetc on it anyway?
Based on your comment below, obviously you're not Greg, but for the rest
of you, aren't you being foolhardy to stick with such an old release?

> We have Red Hat 5.x systems at work running 2.0.x kernels.  I don't run
> dnetc on them, but I'd just like to let you know you're *not* alone.

Red Hat 5.x is a good example of an operating system that isn't even 
supported by it's vendor anymore:
In fact, the first two releases of 6.x aren't supported anymore and 6.2
and 7.0 won't be supported after March 2003.  No more security fixes, no
more bug fixes, and certainly no new kernel packages.  Why would you
expect a volunteer organization to continue supporting an OS release years
after it has stopped being supported by its vendor?


Programming is a Dark Art, and it will always be. The programmer is
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		-Damian Conway, Perl God

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