[RC5] is this right?

James Spinks james at angelos.ftech.co.uk
Sun Dec 29 16:36:57 EST 2002

Quoting blitz <blitz at macronet.net>:

> Ive got a linux box here that runs rc72, in two separate
> instances/directories. Its a PII-350
> I start the first instance of RC72, and it does the bench check and
> selects core #7 DG 3-pipe alt.
> When the second instance starts, it chooses Core #3 SES 1-pipe

Out of curiosity, why are you running two instances?

> Is this weird, a bug, or normal? Whats the difference in cores?
> I'd imagine the 3-pipe is faster, but I see absolutely no difference in
> speed of calcs.

This is 'currently' normal behaviour... nothing to worry about...   Suggest
you read the following link in the FAQ (and this is more of a VFAQ ATM)  ;-)

The question raises another point for me though, I can run multiple
instances of the client on my UNIX boxen, but not on my Win32 kit.  Any
chance of changes to the Win32 clients to bring them into line with the UNIX
variants (personally I prefer the idea of being able to run multiple
versions with different .ini files on any platform).

James Spinks
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