[RC5] is this right?

blitz blitz at macronet.net
Sun Dec 29 19:07:57 EST 2002

Lots of memory on the box, and my additive keystroke rate is faster with 
two instances running than with one. ALways has been incidentally. Even 
when I ran rc5-64 and linux on an AMD-533.
Since any xNIX is multitasking ready as opposed to a winbox, I'll venture a 
guess why...when one client is fetching or flushing, the cpu power on the 
other client is maximized. (Course I'm not a CPU architect, but that's my 
humble guess)

At 16:36 12/29/02 +0000, you wrote:
>Quoting blitz <blitz at macronet.net>:
> > Ive got a linux box here that runs rc72, in two separate
> > instances/directories. Its a PII-350
> > I start the first instance of RC72, and it does the bench check and
> > selects core #7 DG 3-pipe alt.
> > When the second instance starts, it chooses Core #3 SES 1-pipe
>Out of curiosity, why are you running two instances?
> > Is this weird, a bug, or normal? Whats the difference in cores?
> > I'd imagine the 3-pipe is faster, but I see absolutely no difference in
> > speed of calcs.
>This is 'currently' normal behaviour... nothing to worry about...   Suggest
>you read the following link in the FAQ (and this is more of a VFAQ ATM)  ;-)
>The question raises another point for me though, I can run multiple
>instances of the client on my UNIX boxen, but not on my Win32 kit.  Any
>chance of changes to the Win32 clients to bring them into line with the UNIX
>variants (personally I prefer the idea of being able to run multiple
>versions with different .ini files on any platform).
>James Spinks
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