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Sun Feb 3 08:38:32 EST 2002

The following is from bovine's plans
<http://n0cgi.distributed.net/cgi/dnet-finger.cgi?user=bovine> Plans are
published on the plans list at 0000Z each day. I had almost  forgotten
that it was a separate list because I filter both to one folder.

: 27-Jan-2002 01:22 (Sunday) ::

A few people have written me with an interest in the reasons behind the
decision to restrict arbitrary HTML in the "motto" field of teams and
participants.  Although I've been replying individually when people email
me, I've created a FAQ entry that summarizes many of the reasons here:

:: 22-Jan-2002 21:06 (Tuesday) ::

We've had to make some changes to what's allowed to be entered in the
"motto" field for both teams and participants on the stats site. 
Previously these fields where unrestricted text fields that even allowed
raw HTML to be entered, however we've recently decided that those fields
need to be restricted to a more limited subset of tags.  If your
participant or team page included customized HTML tags, you should
consider modifying them to instead use the allowed square-bracket
alternatives that are listed on the editing page ([B]..[/B],
[URL=xx]..[/URL], [BR], etc).

In <200202030714.g137EJa32576 at chipsworld.llamas.net>, on 02/03/02
   at 01:03 AM, "Jack Beglinger" <jackb_guppy at yahoo.com> said:

>In less it was before Oct 1 2000 (how far my mail goes back) --- It was
>NOT  announced on this list.  Since I do not use IIRC, I prefer phones,
>and I do not  go to the website daily to see what is happening THAT IS
>IMPORTANT.  or  since they have all of our email address - a note via
>that would have been  great -- maybe:

>  Sorry, for this note, but because of possible malaise scripting, we at
>  had to change the motto field to block embed HTML tags.  If you were
>  using embedded tags, please log in to your account and update your
>  motto, with the new tags that we have available.

>  For more Info please see: ..........

>Now, that might have been helpful.  DNET is volunteers, We are
>volunteers, it  would be nice to note these type of major changes, so we
>all could be  N'Sync.


>> At 11:18 02/02/2002, you wrote:
>> >Hi.
>> >
>> >>You can find it here:
>> >>http://n0cgi.distributed.net/faq/cache/268.html
>> >
>> >I would have appreciated it if an announcement regarding
>> >this was made.
>> There was one. On the plans and iirc also on this list...
>> Tom
pdonnell at northnet.org (Patrick J. Donnelly)

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