[RC5] Tell me something's not wrong

Scott Dodson gsi22419 at gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu
Sun Feb 3 22:40:36 EST 2002

On 03-Feb-2002, Jack Beglinger wrote:
> In less it was before Oct 1 2000 (how far my mail goes back) --- It was NOT 
> announced on this list.  Since I do not use IIRC, I prefer phones, and I do not 
> go to the website daily to see what is happening THAT IS IMPORTANT.  or 
> since they have all of our email address - a note via that would have been 
> great -- maybe:
>   Sorry, for this note, but because of possible malaise scripting, we at DNET
>   had to change the motto field to block embed HTML tags.  If you were
>   using embedded tags, please log in to your account and update your
>   motto, with the new tags that we have available.
>   For more Info please see: ..........
> Now, that might have been helpful.  DNET is volunteers, We are volunteers, it 
> would be nice to note these type of major changes, so we all could be 
> N'Sync.

That is most definately spam if they suddenly e-mail everyone just because
they have your e-mail address.

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