[RC5] Tell me something's not wrong

daniel carter hedonist at win.co.nz
Tue Feb 5 11:47:17 EST 2002

James Spinks wrote:

>  The announcement list has only ever been for extremely low volume 
> critical announcements.

Some counter arguments to this statement

1) Critical announcements are not posted to the list.  When there was a 
critical bug in the v2.8013/14 clients and everyone was urged to upgrade 
ASAP else their work go wasted, it was not posted to announce.  When 
there were new clients for DES-III that supported immediately starting 
on the contest (which was a critical factor in the success of that 
contest), it was not announced.

2) When it was used it was not extremely low volume.  For instance there 
were 10 messages in the month of august 97.

3)When the list was used, it was not just for critical announcements. 
For instance when new clients came out they were sometimes announced on 
this list.  And there were weekly "state of the distributed net" 

>   The plans list is the list used for higher volume staff 
> announcements (and it was announced there).  Anyone with more than a 
> passing interest in the running of dnet should (in my opinion) be 
> subscribed to the plans list if they want to know what is going on.

Agreed.  But for those of use that don't care about day to day things 
such as "the rc5 stats run had a problem and is an hour behind schedule, 
and oh i got a personalised number plate for my car today and the misses 
realy loves it" the announcements list could be a useful communication 

I think you were describing what it could be rather than what it was. It 
could be a low volume list for important annoucements.  I.E not for 
daily stats problems, not for every client release.  But important 
client releases, new contest info, out of the ordinary stats problems 
etc could be posted there.

What it is right now is nothing, it's not a mailing list because there 
is no mail.  The last post was almost 3 years ago on 28-Feb-1998 
announcing that DES-II-1 had been completed.

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