[RC5] Tell me something's not wrong

Knut Pfefferkorn Knut.Pfefferkorn at KeyWarrior.net
Tue Feb 5 14:54:55 EST 2002

On 5 Feb 2002 at 11:47, daniel carter wrote:

> What it is right now is nothing, it's not a mailing list because there 
> is no mail.  The last post was almost 3 years ago on 28-Feb-1998 
> announcing that DES-II-1 had been completed.

which list you are talking about?

last message here:

Message-ID: <3A11802F.79DEE806 at nasby.net>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 12:10:55 -0600
From: "Jim C. Nasby" <jim at nasby.net>
To: announce at lists.distributed.net
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Being 'un-joined' from a team


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