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Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Wed Feb 6 15:43:02 EST 2002

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Psst...  I'll probably lose some karma for saying so here, but...

We are, in fact, preparing a statement on a couple of topics which is
intended for release via [ANNOUNCE] sometime in the next month or so.
 No vicious rumors, please - there's no merger or acquisition
involved, but some fairly significant announcements nonetheless.  I
can't tell you why the timing is important without revealing part of
the announcement, so I'm afraid that's all I can say.

Regarding SotN addresses, about the only thing we (DCTI staff) all
agree on is that we don't agree on whether we should do them or not. 
Those most in favor of restarting the SotN are often those without
the information needed to put out such a publication.

Well, I guess it's about time for me to start kissing up to Nugget
for blowing the surprise, so I'll be going now.  :-)

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| -----Original Message-----
| I agree with this. I think there's definately been a horrible 
| change in
| visibility.  It's all hum-drum, only those who are interested in
| stats are pleased when .plans talk about stats.  I miss the days
| when things were more personal.  Even in the IRC channel rarely is
| any of 
| the goings on
| of distributed.  The last time I heard much activity was when 
| OGR was rolled
| out.
| I think the user community should demand atleast a monthly or 
| quarterly
| state of the net address as was given before.  I had 
| forgotten how things
| have been.  It's been a long time for some of us.

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