[RC5] The good'ol days

Malte S. Stretz msquadrat.nospamplease at gmx.net
Mon Feb 11 19:09:17 EST 2002

On Monday, 11. February 2002 17:50 CET Zorba wrote, at least in part:
> From: "Scott Christopher Dodson" <gsi22419 at gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu>
> > On Fri, 8 Feb 2002, Zorba the Hutt wrote:
> > > I think they're going to roll out the second run of OGR-24 *and*
> > > OGR-25, *and* announce a new project to be started after RC5-64.
> > >
> > Hasn't OGR-24 already started reprocessing to verify results?
> >
> I believe we've gotten some sort of a "no" answer on this, though I
> could be wrong.

Ahem, Scott, you're right. They begun to roll out OGR-24 already in the 
mid of 2000 (just see the OGR plots [1]). What I should have said: 
Maybe they found a way to determine which nodes aren't processed yet 
and'll distribute them again the next weeks. Or maybe they even found 
out that all nodes are processed and'll close OGR-24?


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