[RC5] Checkpoint Interval?

John Caldwell johnkc at apple.com
Wed Feb 13 09:12:41 EST 2002

What criteria determines when the checkpoint file is updated?  Is it time 
based, progress based, or a mix of both?  I recall seeing this discussed 
or documented long ago, but a quick search of the docs and FAQ didn't 
produce the answer.

This is probably less relevant for OGR, but I'm curious about what 
happens with small RC5 blocks.  A 1GHz G4 completes a 1*2^28 block in 26 
seconds.  (Yes, I requested larger blocks, but those are what the proxy 
had available.)  Is the checkpoint file getting updated every second or 
two, or is the intermediate work never written out because the work unit 
is completed before the update interval is reached?

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