[RC5] No team credit for blocks after merge

Boris59 boris59 at boris59.de
Wed Feb 27 19:09:35 EST 2002

Hi, folks.

When doing a rewrite of my stats analysis tool for our
team I recognized a difference between the blocks one of
our participants crunched and the blocks credited for the
team. I found out the member had an account (let's say A)
within the team and a second one (B) not in the team. The
second one was created by accident due to an email typo.
As the domain of the misspelled email is ours, we were able
to merge B into A.

What I realized some days ago is that pretty much the same
amount the participant crunched on account B were not
credited for the team after he merged the accounts. This
would be fine with me if he had crunched those blocks for
another team to which they were accounted to, but that's
not the case.

So it seems to me that if you merge account B (which never
crunched for a team) into account A (which DOES crunch for
a team), the blocks are not credited to that team, although
they should.

Any hints on this one? I'd really appreciate anything on
this, as those blocks would push our team another 6 places
up in the rankings.


Bjoern Martin

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