[RC5] installing the client under mac os X

RogerKIWI at aol.com RogerKIWI at aol.com
Wed Jan 2 22:32:25 EST 2002

To run the file, open the Terminal from Applications ------> Utilities.

then drag the icon of "dnetc" into the terminal window. This will create a 
line of text that contains the "path" to that icon. If you then press Return 
it will start up dnetc.

On my machine I have it set up thus

the folder that contains the dnetc, dnetc.1, readme etc files is in my "home" 
folder. That folder is called dnetc.

So to start up dnetc from Terminal I type


and press Return.


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In a message dated 1/2/02 9:49:29 PM, frank at hebbert.com writes:

>hello all
>i'm sorry if this question is slightly off-topic.
>i'm trying to install the d.net client on a mac running os X. the unstuffed
>download from distributed.net leaves me with the following files :
>+ various readme files
>the d.net site suggests i need to use the cli to further extract the files
>but will stuffit have done this for me?
>the readme assumes i've got further than i actually have and refers to
>running the client - but i need help with getting to the stage where i
>run it at all.
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