[RC5] installing the client under mac os X

Henrik Berglund SdU adb94hbd at mds.mdh.se
Thu Jan 3 04:33:21 EST 2002

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, frank wrote:

> i'm sorry if this question is slightly off-topic.
> i'm trying to install the d.net client on a mac running os X. the unstuffed
> download from distributed.net leaves me with the following files :
cd to where you have dnetc file
and type:
then hit return.
./dnetc -config
then hit return.

you can put
<path to net>/dnetc &
if there is some sort of startup file in osx like .bashrc or .sh
I dont know since i have never used osx

Henrik at gigahertz.se
FHB Gigahertz Västerås

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