[RC5] How long will WU be locked?

Bjoern Martin boris59 at gmx.net
Sat Jan 5 21:12:46 EST 2002



>I have downloaded about 12.000 units (ID:
>webmaster at autoinstaller.de) for my small cluster system.
>1x 1,000 MHz (Athlon)
>1x 450 MHz (K6-III)
>1x 400 MHz (K6-II)
>How long will this WU be locked for my ID? I can only send
>on every 2nd weekend.

I think the WUs shouldn't be recycled after only two weeks,
but 12k WUs are crunched by your computers within about one
week in case they run 24/7.

>Kindly regards,
>   Roland Haeder



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