[RC5] installing the client under mac os X

Jonas Maebe Jonas.Maebe at rug.ac.be
Mon Jan 7 13:59:25 EST 2002

On Sun, 6 Jan 2002, frank wrote:

> A special mention to Jonas for his superbly detailed explanation of setting
> up dnetc as a startup item - above and beyond the call of duty and much
> appeciated.

No problem. But I discovered a small error in it, see below.

> i learnt a lot from this tutorial - d.net should include it as a
> readme file with their download.

I wouldn't mind at all if they want to do that.

> > f) pico -w Distributed.net
> >
> > paste the following in the resulting window (without the "***"):
> >
> > ***
> > ***
> >
> > g) type ctrl-o, <return>, ctrl-x

--->> g') type "chmod u+x Distributed.net"

> > h) pico -w StartupParameters.plist


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