[RC5] missing blocks

Jonathan Smith jsmith at cygnacom.com
Wed Jan 16 10:16:11 EST 2002

There seems to always be a bit of delay or loss between the blocks the
client submits and what shows up in the stats.
I have been tracking the blocks turned in across the four email addresses
that use my personal proxy, and for some reason blocks turned in one day may
not all show up until a day or two later.

So some days we turn in more blocks to d.net that show up in the stats, and
other days the stats are for more blocks than we turned in that day.

Yesterday, I saw about a 4-5% difference between the blocks I submitted and
what d.net reported in stats...
You only saw a 1.3% slip; the missing blocks are probably on a key proxy
server and haven't been returned to the main keyserver.

All that being said, in over a year and a half of tracking, these 4
participants are averaging from .8% to 1.7% more blocks turned in than have
shown up in d.net stats.
It appears that some blocks are being lost; possibly due to random blocks
turned in by others...


In case you are interesting the 4 participants I've been tracking are

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I sent in 6928 units yesterday but only got credit for 6835, what
I received the blocks about a week ago as well. This is not the first
time its not matched.

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