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Fri Jan 18 17:21:23 EST 2002

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| So, it could conceivably take a 
| while longer 
| than the projection..

Yes, it's very likely we'll run into the law of diminishing returns,
just as we did with CSC.  By this I mean that if you wait too long to
return your work, you may find someone else has beat you to the
punch.  The number of computers participating won't decline, but the
amount of work credited may.

For those of you who may stockpile more workunits than you can finish
in a reasonable amount of time, this would be a good time to look at
turning your settings down.  It's best if you can completely empty
your buffers at least once a month.

If I recall correctly, the entire keyspace has been distributed at
least once now, so there's someone out there sitting on a goldmine.

Here's an official statement, for those who requested it:  As of
today, we have not yet found a ruler shorter than the shortest-known
OGR-24 or OGR-25 ruler.

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