[RC5] I think we found our next contest...

bert bertodell at charter.net
Fri Jan 18 23:08:20 EST 2002

  Seti at home yuckkers! been a long time since I've done seti and  I 
prefer RC5 and probably would do OGR unless something similar to RC5 
pops up to replace RC5.  Faster computers rule(heh,I'm always 1 ghz 
behind LOL ) I run two systems one a 900mhz Athlon and a duallie 1 ghz 
Pentium III. A Pentium IV 3 ghz looks mighty tasty to me :P

blitz wrote:

> Build faster computers....;)
> At 13:59 1/18/02 -0500, you wrote:
>> What do we do after this?
>> Seti at home!
>> Matthew

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