[RC5] Criminal Charges Settled In Distributed-Computing Case

TD - Sales International Holland B.V. td at salesint.com
Mon Jan 21 12:47:00 EST 2002

On Friday 18 January 2002 23:53, you wrote:
> On 26-Aug-2001, TD - Sales International Holland B.V. wrote:
> > On Friday 18 January 2002 11:42, you wrote:
> >
> > I don't know where those bozo's get their bandwidth but if I were them
> > I'd find a cheaper provider.... 59c a second for bandwidth? geez.... I
> > can consume as much as I want a month long for like 45$ ?! (512kbit down
> > 64up)

They're charging him bandwidth costs. Nice to see you mention all the other 
crap, but that was already being used whether he was running the software or 
not so they just shouldn't bitch about it (With the exception of the software 
removal, however, that still not makes BANDWIDTH!! cost 59c/s). I don't care 
whether my pc consumes electricity doing nothing at all, or it's consuming 
electricity while a program my friend installed is being run. Either way I'm 
too lame to turn of the PC so it would be kinda stupid to ask him to pay my 
electricity just because his program is running now.

> So bandwidth is the only thing you pay for in order to utilize a computer?
> You don't pay for electricity?  You don't pay to have hardware replaced
> after it's worn out?  You don't have to pay someone to remove software from
> about a thousand machines?
> These may not be a concern to you at home, but they're a concern to Georgia
> Board of Regents.  

Why? I didn't see anything about him having the PC's running on times they 
we're normally turned off?

> It's also a concern because the software wasn't in their
> list of authorized software.  We all know/assume that the software isn't
> buggy, but what happens if it were?  Are student's records compromised?

That's acceptable, then again, I haven't seen anything about him firewalling 
or doing stuff to secure it. Plus I don't think you can sue someone for what 
could have happened. You can't sew me now because it's possible I might kill 
your mother tomorrow now can you?

Look, I'm not saying that what he did is right, I'm just saying that the ways 
they calculate prices and the things they wanna sew him for are for 90% big 
BS if you ask me. Once again, it does not justify his actions, but because 
they want to make him an example or whatever they're coming up with all this 
unreasonable crap which just totally sucks. But then again, that's the USA, 
where you can sew someone over nothing for several millions.

Once more I'm really glad to live in the Netherlands, where they do this 
stuff with sense, not with unreasonable figures and sums he won't be able to 
pay off for the rest of his life.


> You need to look at the whole spectrum of things.  As a student in the
> University System of Georgia, and also an employee of my campus's ITS I
> know that the BOR and OIT spend a whole lot of time determining what
> software is to be distributed, when things that weren't intended to be
> installed slip into the picture it's major headaches.  We weren't allowed
> to install SP2 for Win2k for months until software compatability issues
> with software used throughout campus were resolved.  You'll find that most
> corperate environments operate in much the same way.
> With all that aside, the machines weren't his.  He didn't own their
> processing power, he stole it.
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