[RC5] Tell me something's not wrong

Stephen Berg sberg at pangaealink.com
Mon Jan 28 04:15:05 EST 2002

This happens all the time, well once a day anyway.  You probably hit
the stats page as the daily updates were in progress.  I'm sure if
you were to look at it an hour or so later they would have updated. 
Right now they say:

Total Blocks to Search: 68,719,476,736 
Total Blocks Tested: 46,678,393,502 
Keyspace Checked: 67.926% 
Total Keys Tested: 12,530,135,845,056,806,912 
Time Working: 1,558 days 
Overall Rate: 93,083,903 KKeys/sec 

On Mon, 28 Jan 2002 01:08:49 -0600, /dev/null wrote:

>Check out the stats page:
>Aggregate Statistics 
>Total Blocks to Search: 68,719,476,736 
>Total Blocks Tested: 0 
>Keyspace Checked: 0.000% 
>Total Keys Tested: 0 
>Time Working: 0 days 
>Overall Rate: 0 KKeys/sec 

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